Post-apocalyptic life rules the Earth. For the past 100 years, a terrible plague has raged all over the planet. It’s spread to all continents and penetrated every corner of the globe. It was possible to hide only in isolated cities. People were able to close up their cities with special domes to continue living in safety.

However, it was necessary to leave the shelter to search for food, stuff, and other supplies. Outside the cities, everything was infected with this disease, and only a few of the people could go outside. Over the century, people have appeared endowed with innate immunity to this disease. Such people were called Hewers. They organized themselves in a clan entitled Hewer Clan.

Each member of the clan carries a special Tag, as a confirmation of abilities and belonging to the elite. The Tag opens all doors!

Hewer Clan members have divided into 4 factions according to the place of living and their behavior: Gentlemen, Riders, Necromancers, Bandits.


Gentlemen - The remnants of the former aristocracy gathered in one faction in order to preserve their manners and elegance. However, it doesn't prevent them from fulfilling their duty in the desolate expanses of the lifeless world.


Riders - These guys care for speed and freedom. They’re the fastest of all Hewers. They’re spending life looking for new parts for their bikes and upgrading them. The wasteland race without rules is their favorite pastime.


Necromancers - After the world plague, a group of people appeared who believed in dark magic. Studying ancient books, they came up with their own spells and fought the infection with unconventional methods.


Bandits - The world has changed, but the criminal world has remained. Unstoppable criminals have united in their faction to live by their own rules and break the law from time to time. Their violations do not prevent them from helping people survive in the wasteland.



The biggest Treasury

At Hewer Clan, we don’t plan to mess around, and for this reason, we’re committing +230 ETH (40%) from all sales towards the community treasury. With many non-succeeding projects coming out lately, we figured out that the driving force behind the success of every project is the community. And with the fund of +230 ETH (40%), the power and chance to shape up the future of Hewer Clan will be in the hands of this amazing community we aim to build, together with each one of you.

Acquiring land across multiple metaverses, having regular airdrops for Hewer Clan NFT holders, both NFTs from other projects and new collections made by our community, or whatever cool new idea suggested and picked by our community!

  • +230ETH (40%) from initial sales go to the Treasury!
  • Half of the fees from secondary sales go to the Treasury!
  • Treasury is a special fund managed by the community.
  • Every holder has an equal part in the Treasury, according to quantity holding Tags.
  • Once you buy a Hewer’s tag you will be a part of the community and own a part of the Treasury!
  • The community will decide about the usage of the Treasury by voting.


Investing: Promising NFT collectibles, Farming yield, Cryptocurrency, ZED stable, RiotRacers garage, and land across metaverse platforms

Charity: Donations to the organizations fighting against severe disease.

Supporting NFT artists: Contest, Buyouts, Promotion, Derivatives.

Fun: Contest, Giveaways, Raffles, Memes.

Metaverse: HQ.

Community: Buybacks, Diamond Hand Dividends.

Together we are strong

Although Tags look amazing as profile pictures on their own, we are not here to compete, we came to unite and make this community grow stronger together. You can “tattoo” your Hewer Clan tags on your favorite avatar-like NFT project and show off both at the same time. These tags will work as an entry pass to events, metaverse properties, competitions, and plenty of other benefits that will come out in the future.

Let’s build our community together!

Distribution 10000:

  • 9600 - sale per 0.06
  • 300 - early supporters program
  • 100 - giveaways, team

The Hewer Tags are stored on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 token and are hosted on IPFS.




Ultimate roadmap

There are no unfulfilled promises over here, and you won’t have to wait anxiously to find out whether certain milestones will be reached to unlock or not some benefits and next stages. From the start, the community will be able to suggest and help to choose the future of the Hewer Clan.




Basil has 15+ years of experience running a digital business. He has started several companies as a founder. His skills are in managing communities, brand development, content marketing, and other growth strategies. He has an MBA degree (GEM, France). He has been in crypto since 2018. Created several NFT projects, helps NFT artists and projects as an advisor.


Vanglog comes from the crypto space, where he has been around since 2017. He came across the NFT world in December of 2020, and since then, he has been interacting with the NFT community, this extremally friendly and overwhelming community, trying to learn as much as he can, exchanging ideas and making new friends every day, while also helping out across various communities in this space.


Alex is a professional illustrator. He began his career in 2007 in a successful web design studio. He’d been working for over 7 years with large companies all around the world. Since 2013 he has been working as a freelancer. He loves creating characters and worlds for games. The Hewer Clan is an art project that was designed with inspiration.


Igor has been in software development for many years now. Starting from a basic assembly hello world program to delivering high-load applications on different platforms such as web, desktop, mobile, blockchain. Now he's solely focusing on the crypto world, developing and shipping applications on the blockchain.